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Thunder Bay Folk Society Announces 2017 Contest Winners

The Thunder Bay Folk Society wants to thank all 8 artists who submitted entries for our 2017 Poster Art Contest. We are greatly encouraged by the spirited response and impressive effort exerted by all these individuals.

The 1st and 2nd place artwork will be used to advertise and promote the 2017 Thunder Bay Folk Festival, Sept. 22-24. The first place winner receives $300, two weekend festival tickets, and a festival t-shirt. The second place winner receives $150, two weekend passes, and a t-shirt. All other applicants receive our sincere thanks and a weekend pass.

Suni Speaks took first and third places with imaginative, versatile designs that matched the contest specifications perfectly.  Anneliese Mathia took second place with an extraordinary color illustration vividly capturing the exuberant spirit of the festival.  Chad Szatkowski took fourth place with a beautiful pen and ink drawing of the starry night sky looking up through the Cedars at the festival.  Fifth place went YM Cho for a striking, professional color illustration also evoking the moonlit festival ambiance.

We also want to recognize the work of Amanda Hanchon, Jean Hyde, Maria Parent, Randy Wirgau, and Kathleen Allen who’s submissions also reflected a great deal of insight, talent, and workmanship. We hope to see submissions from all these artists again in 2018.

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