Thunder Bay Folk Festival Rules

Rules for the annual Thunder Bay Folk Music Festival.

Well folks, nobody likes them, but our insurance carrier and just plain common sense says there’s gotta be some rules, so here they are:

1.)  ABSOLUTELY NO PETS.  You will be asked to leave.

2.)  ABSOLUTELY NO UNDERAGE DRINKING.  Anyone found involved in underage drinking will be promptly turned into the law enforcement authorities.

3.)  Festival wristbands must be worn at all times.  You are responsible for your wristband.  Folks without a wristband will be asked to leave.  No wristband, no excuses, no folk fest.  If your wrist band gets damaged or tears off, bring it to the front gate area or info booth for a replacement. 

4.)  No fireworks, loud, or recorded music.

5.)  No generators, except in the designated RV with generators area.

6.)  No alcohol or smoking in the children’s area.  No smoking in the barn or the indoor kitchen area.

7.)  Campground quiet time from 1 AM - 8 AM.

8.)  No kegs allowed.

9.)  NEVER leave your campfire unattended.  Due to current regulations, fires should be no more than 3 feet high.  If the DNR has issued a High Risk fire warning, no campfires will be allowed. 

10.)  No weapons.

11.)  The Thunder Bay Folk Society is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  Please keep your valuables securely locked.

12.)  The kitchen building is for musicians and staff only.  We can no longer allow public access to the restrooms as the well and septic at the Tractor Grounds is inadequate to handle the volume of people.


Camping wisdom:

1.)  Respect Everyone Always.  We all should have learned this in kindergarten, but here is your reminder.  Be considerate to all festival goers, area residents, and the local community.

2.)  This is rustic camping, there is no electricity or water on site.  Please bring your own water.  There is only one garden hose at the back of the kitchen/restroom building.  You may use this hose if needed.

3.)  Please keep off all private property.

4.)  Be environmentally considerate.  Do not litter.  Consider using reusable water containers instead of disposable plastic water bottles.  Use the recycling bins on site.

5.)  Drive Safe - this is a busy, congested area.  Go slow, watch for kids and pedestrians.

6.)  Camping areas will be closed to traffic after dusk.  You may park in day parking and walk into your campsite.

7.)  Person’s engaged in unsafe or reckless behavior, underage drinking, public intoxication, illegal drug use, stealing, or any other disorderly behavior risk removal from the festival and possible arrest by local law enforcement agencies.  This includes adults knowingly providing alcohol to minors.

8.)  The community bonfire and the Drum Kiva fire are to be managed by Folk Fest personnel only. 


An attitude of community respect & personal responsibility will ensure an enjoyable weekend for everyone.


Happy Folk Fest!

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